All of our carports and structures come with a 2 year limited warranty, with a 1 year warranty on all doors. Carports and structures are not warranted against extreme acts of nature.

All frames are constructed of heavy-duty galvanized steel. Carports and building frames are engineered with double wall steel at all corner bends for added snow load and wind strength.

All fasteners are self-drilling with neoprene washers to resist rust and give maximum strength and protection. The fasteners are also painted to match your structure’s color from the factory.

All carports and structures are securely fastened down before our installation crew leaves the premises.

We cannot warrant a structure if customer makes structure modifications that could alter the strength and integrity of the structure.

There are rare instances where huge monolithic rock exists which create a problem for anchoring. Special arrangements may have to be made if this problem exists.

DISCLAIMER: These carport structures and buildings are not designed or intended for human habitation.