Before carport or building is delivered and installed, buyer should have the site prepared in advance. Site preparation includes getting all the required local permissions, permits, and all utilities marked or located. If you need assistance we can guide you through the process.

We require that all groundwork (site leveled) be done before building is delivered. We realize that there are certain circumstances where it is impossible or cost prohibitive to completely level the ground. If this is your case, we can, in some cases; make special arrangements to come out to your location in advance, take measurements and custom build your building or carport to fit your unleveled area.

We also require the buyer to make the area where the building is going to be installed completely accessible for the installation crew, including the truck and trailer. We need a minimum of three (3) feet work space around the entire perimeter of the building that is being installed.

If concrete is to be poured please feel free to call or contact us first to get a free drawing of the slab size and other measurements. We also have concrete contractors we can recommend if you need one. (Our motto in laying a proper foundation is if you start right you will end right.)